LIVE AUCTION ONLY: Authentic Republic of Texas $50 Historical “Redback” Bill

Authentic Republic of Texas $50 Historical “Redback” Bill

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LIVE AUCTION — this item with be available for purchase at the live auction and gala.

Value: Priceless. Donated by Hon. Bill Sarpalius.

Texas History is rich and the only state in the Union that was an independent country before they joined the United States. They fought for their independence and one of the most famous battles was fought here at the Alamo where some 600 Mexicans soldiers died and roughly 200 rebellious Texans died. For 9 years The Republic of Texas had its own currency. In 1838, Texas issued change notes with elaborate designs on the front and blank backs. The so-called Texas “redbacks” were issued in 1839. The government printed over two million dollars in redbacks, which were initially worth about 37 cents to a U.S. dollar. Own a piece of Texas history, a priceless $50 bill from “The Republic of Texas.”