LIVE AUCTION ONLY: Cybersecurity Executive Training (1.5 hours)

Cybersecurity Executive Training and Cyber Insurance Policy Review.

More Details

LIVE AUCTION — this item with be available for purchase at the live auction and gala.

$6,000 value. Donated by Scott Brady (Scott Klososky’s Team) from Future Point of View.

This is a one and a half hour training from Scott Klososky and his team at Future Point of View. The goal for the training is to give the employees/executives an overview of the cybersecurity landscape today and what breaches are common today. It will also introduce everyone to the Incident Response process and give them an opportunity to see what playbooks look like and the importance of an IR program.

Training Agenda 

  • Cybersecurity Risk Overview / Common types of breaches in 2022
  • Incident Response Process and Playbook Overview
  • Discussion and Q&A