LIVE AUCTION ONLY: “Mirror Basic” Smart Gym Mirror

“Mirror Basic” Smart Gym Mirror

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LIVE AUCTION — this item with be available for purchase at the live auction and gala.

$1,500 value. Donated by Karla Saenz, Jenny Smith, and Corey Hookstra from eESI.

When it’s off, it’s a mirror. When it’s on, it’s the world’s first interactive smart gym with you at the center. The Mirror Basic is a cardio class, a yoga studio, a boxing ring, a personal trainer, and so much more all in one.

From home offices, to flex schedules, to road warriors, wellness is more important than ever to keep you at top form.


  • The largest library of workouts. 10,000+ classes on-demand, 50+ genres, and new live classes daily.
  • Taught by the best instructors in the world.
  • Performance metrics for personalized goal-setting.
  • Fully-integrated smart weights that track reps and form.
  • Work out or compete with friends.
  • All used to create a personalized fitness plan just for you.