How to Humanize Your HRO Sales and Marketing for Maximum Growth

HRO Growth Show Episode 4: How to Humanize Your HRO Sales and Marketing for Maximum Growth

“All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know like and trust.” – Bob Burg

While most HR leaders would agree, their marketing and sales efforts show an absence of the empathy and authority that would turn passive prospects into active buyers.

On today’s episode, Ryan McInerney of Bluematter and Brandon Laws of Xenium HR break down how to create clear compelling messaging that will help your ideal customer recognize you as the only provider that knows, understands, and fully supports their unique needs.

  • How to communicate, so prospects engage in email, social, or on your website
  • How to empower, not police, your entire organization to use social media (and when not to!)
  • A simple process to create the right message every time
  • and more!

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What are you doing to bring humanness to your brand?

1 thought on “How to Humanize Your HRO Sales and Marketing for Maximum Growth

  1. Today’s HRO Growth Show was excellent! The need to humanize one’s marketing / branding effort is crucial and I love the way you emphasized this – becoming a humanist – being very clear of who you are – your compatibility, with a focus on clarity and alignment.

    Very, very good – thank you, Bob

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