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Member Benefits

Why Become a Member?

The HR outsourcing and co-employment (PEO) industry has never achieved its full growth potential. We’re committed to changing that.

PACE is dedicating its efforts to strategies for members to achieve their full potential through close collaboration at live and online events, forming meaningful and lasting relationships, and having access to effective sales, marketing, and technology tools.

Doug Lowery

PACE is a vital resource to our company. The comradery and sharing of ideas among the members is outstanding. The annual convention and other PACE sponsored events are best in class. I would recommend PACE to any PEO, PEO vendor, or any business man.

Dawn Shicker

VP of Human Resources, ContinuumHR

PACE provides a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts, concerns, and ideas that we all face together. The most significant benefit that stands out for me is the spirit and purpose PACE represents to the PEO industry. It is great for establishing a network of friends and alliances both personally and professionally. After every annual conference, I always feel invigorated and even more committed to what I do as a professional.

John Slavic

VP of Human Resources, ContinuumHR

The PACE organization, unique in the PEO industry, combines entrepreneurial experience, real-world solutions to colleagues in an open and trusting environment that is truly fun. If you have not attended the annual conference in the past, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity this year. You will be treated like family from the first hello.

Who Should Join?

Imagine a group of small and mid-sized PEOs and service providers that work together to help each other succeed, even if they are direct competitors. Ours is a culture not easily cloned.


PEOs and Staffing Companies

Service Providers

Services for HRO Growth (Vendors)

What you get for joining

Imagine a group of small and mid-sized PEO’s and service providers that work together to help each other succeed, even if they are direct competitors. Ours is a culture not easily cloned.

Access to Networking

Discounts and First Priority Accomodations for our Annual Conference

Enroll Online

Local Mastermind Groups

Connect with your local peers and share ideas relevant to your context.

Private LinkedIn Group

Link up to collaborate and access member-only resources and reviews.

Member-Only Workshops

Our Annual Conference is open to the public, but our intimate sales, marketing, and technology workshops are for members only.

Access to Resources

Discounts and First Priority Accomodations for our Annual Conference

Enroll Online

Discounts on Marketing Training and Support

Grow your business through our partnership with Bluematter, BLR, and others.

Live Webinar Trainings & Archives

Webinars bring everyone together to learn and share, and create valuable resources to go back

Regulatory Database

Regulatory data is information that must be provided by a company to a regulatory agency.

Vendor Discounts & Exclusive Access

Our Associate Member Service Providers are industry leaders, and so are their exclusive discounts and offerings.

Cost to Enroll

PEO (Voting Member)

Dues are billed and collected quarterly, and are based on the number of worksite employees. An additional $500 annual fee is collected in the first quarter.

Vendor (Associate Member)

Dues are collected annually, and are $1,500 for the calendar year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my membership include?

Member rates for the annual conference; exclusivity to all other PACE services and events, both live and online; a vibrant online community forum; sales generating tools and technology guidance.

What events will PACE be providing?

Of course, the annual conference is the main event and is always in the Spring. We are also planningto add 2 – 3 other smaller events during the year, which will concentrate on sales & marketing,technology issues and opportunities, and perhaps a CEO retreat. These additional events will be formembers only.

Who in my company is included in the membership?

All company personnel. Certain benefits could also be offered to client companies through yourmembership.

Which members of my team will most benefit from the PACE membership?

Owners, senior leaders, and those responsible for growth.

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancellation of membership can be accomplished with 30 days’ notice. Additional indebtedness willcease at the time of cancellation, but will not absolve the member of past indebtedness.

Terms and Conditions

How we use your data

Certain membership data, unless otherwise requested, will be shared only with other PACE members.

Do we store your credit card

If requested, for recurring billing purposes.

Community Rules/Guidelines

Trust and communication is of foremost importance.Non-solicitation of other member clients or employees, without the other member’s knowledge.Referring unwanted prospects, clients, and staff to other members is highly encouraged.

Become a Member today & gain the traction you need in your business