John Ykema | Adopting Technology to Thrive in Crisis | PACE PEO Mastermind Mini-Session



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In this video, John Ykema gives some really practical advice on how to use technology to come out of the COVID-19 crisis even better than when we went in.

John’s years of in-the-trenches PEO experience and knowledge really come in handy when he combines it with his expertise in technology solutions. He talks about HR software, CRM software, and keeping operating systems current.

3:12    Security and Culture

Security Checks

Project Management & Collaboration

Lean into Technology-Driven Processes

16:48  Practical Steps

Reporting and Data

Sales Technology

Support Technology


Q & A with John

29:25  What recent changes in operating software are recommended?

32:57  What are some of the products as a small or medium-sized PEO that you would concentrate on first to help communication, collaboration, and opportunity?

35:42  Is there any [security] reason not to use Google Sheets for collaboration?

38:19  How does somebody take an email and create a conversation internally where it looks like peer-to-peer? And how can we guard against that now that we’re remote?


Kim Egginton Shares Sales Tips that are Working During C-19

40:13  Having talked with several PEOs that are bringing on new business during the COVID-19 shutdown, Kim shares their successes with the group. Kim is the PACE Communications Director.


About John Ykema:

John is a well-known and respected independent software and operations expert specializing in the PEO, ASO, and HRO industries and HR technology. As a technology enthusiast/evangelist, John boasts 12 years of experience in HR technology and web-based software applications.

Prior to becoming an independent consulting John spent half of his time in the trenches of a PEO and the other half with software providers in the industry.



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