Mastermind Mini-Session with Viveka von Rosen

PACE Mastermind Mini-Session with Viveka von Rosen

In this Mini-Session, LinkedIn Expert Viveka von Rosen will show you 3 critical things that you can quickly implement RIGHT NOW to get the attention of your buyers. These 3 moves can help you survive, thrive, and even grow during and after the COVID-19 shutdown.

This is invaluable advice, and it’s easy to follow, especially since Viveka goes through everything step-by-step. These strategies make great sense and can be tweaked to new situations as time goes on. Rebound and recover now, then continue to expand using these same ideas. Sharing these suggestions with your clients could really help them, too, which is always great for business.

At 00:25 – Viveka’s first suggestion is to change the background images on your LinkedIn pages to directly speak to the “point of pain” your buyers are experiencing. For example, the background image on Vengreso’s company page and on staffers’ individual pages all have this text: “YOUR BUYERS ARE STILL OUT THERE AND THEY NEED YOU.” Address what’s scaring your clients and how you can help them. She highly recommends doing this, especially now during this disruptive time, and she gives some suggestions as to what might work for PEOs in particular.

02:07 – If you don’t have an experienced graphics department, Viveka recommends some resources and downloads that are easy to use to create LinkedIn background images. She goes into detail about how to create them, whether you are on your own or you have a marketing department at your disposal.

05:36 – The second item Viveka shares is exactly how to use and maximize the “Featured” section on LinkedIn where you can add links and media. It’s bigger, more flexible, and more robust than the older “About” section. You want your LinkedIn profile to be a resource rather than a resume.

09:42 – Viveka’s third tip is how to natively create marketing content on LinkedIn using carousel posts, which can include documents, images, videos, slideshows, etc. Many LinkedIn users can poll their audiences, so you could ask them what their biggest “points of pain” are and address them. She also shows some great ways to get more views and exposure for that content, including calls to action.

Q&A for Viveka

15:47 – Is it a good idea to have more than one LinkedIn page for your company? It might be, but only under certain conditions, which Viveka outlines.

22:49 – What are the core fundamentals that you would recommend knowing that time is limited [when you only have two people in sales and marketing?] Viveka’s answer also addresses larger sales and marketing teams—and she includes “a little ninja trick” to greatly leverage visibility by including the audiences of many of your colleagues.

28:53 – How do we transition from this limited time [in this Mini-Session] to really experiencing this in a deeper way [and manage branding well on LinkedIn?]

Peer-to-Peer Discussion 

32:06 – How PEOs can help each other all year, including utilizing the PACE PEO Open Forum and PACE PEO Members Only group pages on LinkedIn.

37:37– Who are your best buyers now? What kind of messaging are folks using in outbound that they have seen as being successful? What’s working? Several participants chimed in with some really great, specific strategies that are helping them bring on more business.

42:43 – Is your messaging the same as it was before COVID, or have you crafted your message differently even though those businesses [whose employees are still working] don’t seem to have seen really much of an effect? Multiple examples were given of successful approaches and language that seems to resonate with potential buyers, including effective requests for referrals.

REMINDER: Be sure to register for the remainder of the upcoming Mastermind Mini-Sessions and DO NOT MISS the PACE 2020 ANNUAL CONFERENCE June 21 – 24 in Savannah, GA!

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