Scott Klososky | Managing #WFH Teams | C-19 | Disrupted Workforce | PACE PEO Mastermind Mini-Session


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Disruption gets amplified in a crisis. How can PEOs best overcome and leverage that disruption?

There is so much helpful information about managing work-from-home teams packed into this PACE Mastermind Mini-Session with Scott Klososky from Future Point of View! He teaches how to use this shutdown as a reset and gives realistic suggestions on how to be proactive and really take advantage of opportunities. Scott is a preeminent thought leader in the PEO community, helping some of the most successful PEOs manage disruption and come out on top.

In this Mastermind video, Scott addresses the challenges and solutions of work-from-home security, communication, accountability, and productivity. His advice is especially geared toward the special circumstances that PEOs have encountered during the COVID-19 shutdown. And, he gives us guidelines to transitioning and getting everyone back in the office after the crisis.

Scott has developed an excellent white paper with the 10 Best Practices for Leading Home-based Teams and a detailed Emergency Work-From-Home Playbook for your clients that can be obtained by contacting Future Point of View:

At 11:50, Scott gives us 5 ways that PEOs can help their clients in a crisis.


Questions and answers for Scott followed his presentation and can be found at the following timestamps in the video:

27:11  How can we tell the difference between good information and misinformation from the media? How is this a good time for “Rivers of Information?”

31:42  1) What are you using for sources?

2) Could we poll this group and say “are you in favor of opening” and…

3) “Are you jumping on the fear bandwagon or are you going against the grain?” Being a true disruptor is saying, “Hey, let’s recover.”

35:30  Poll result: 88% of the group in this meeting are in favor of opening now.

36:20  On work from home, what are the best practices for accountability and security?

41:22 What exactly will be the content that you’ll be covering at the June conference in Savannah?


Peer-to-Peer Questions (including Scott)

44:12 What are the changes and opportunities for selling in the Covid-19 work atmosphere?

46:29  What are currently the most successful marketing and sales processes?

52:46  How does working from home impact workers’ comp issues?

57:01  Jim shares a success story related to Scott’s information regarding creating relevant. valuable content for clients.

1:00:26  Resources on LinkedIn for PEO peer discussions.

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