Add-on: Roundtables & Wine Sponsorship – Lead a 20-min Discussion 3 Times (sells quickly): $2,000


More Details

You MUST ALREADY have purchased a Main Sponsorship.

You’ll lead a 20-min roundtable discussion on a topic you choose, in the same room as other roundtable discussions.

Tables will be spaced out as far as possible to minimize noise. You should be able to hear your own table’s conversation, like at meals.

There are three 20-minute sessions; you’ll lead a discussion on the same topic, at the same table, three times.

There will be a wine-tasting and sommelier presentation before the final roundtable session, with networking afterward.

You may purchase more than one table, while they last, each with a different topic and led by a different person from your company.

You will facilitate discussion, questions, and education on the topic, keeping the discussion going, ready to present if the discussion lags.

You are allowed to talk freely about your products and services, as well, unlike most conference presentations.

Attendees will choose which table to attend for one session, then move to another table for the next session, and another for the next.

The roundtable discussions will be the only activity during their time slots, with no other conference activities competing.

Each topic should be PEO-related, timely, and interesting. Choose a topic that will attract attendees to your table.

PACE will make sure topics are not closely duplicated and may suggest certain topics to address challenging PEO needs.

Each table comfortably seats 10 people. If the table is full, attendees may pull up additional chairs to sit nearby.

Table locations are all good; there is no need to pre-select a location. Topics will attract attendees, not locations.